Monsters of St.Mike’s

Monsters of St.Mike’s

Photo Credit: Alexandra Di Persio

Do you really know who’s hiding behind St. Mike’s walls? 

Stefanie Menezes, Lifestyle Editor 

Strangely, the Quad is just as dark as inside Brennan Hall. It is as if the entire college is devoid of light. When I reach the old building, the door is wide open. I do not hear a scream, but instead, a shrill, sinister laugh coming from inside. Though the sound makes my blood run cold, I hold the camera to my chest and tiptoe down the hall until I reach the source: the first-floor bathroom. The door is ajar once again, just wide enough for me to creep inside without making a sound. The stalls are empty, but as I peek around the corner towards the sink, I catch a glimpse of the reflection in the mirror — or rather, the lack thereof. Though the mirror is empty, I can see the back of the creature’s head and her pale, almost translucent hands. Just then, her head snaps around to look at me, and her lips curl back to reveal two shining canines, longer and far sharper than the rest of her teeth. I warned you all: if one of these monsters smiles at you, run; however, I am bound by my journalistic duty. Once again, I pull the camera up to my eye, click the button, and brace myself. When I lower it, a human girl stands in front of me. I recount to her my speech and begin the interview. 

Q. What is your name, year, and major? 

A. Alexandra Di Persio. Fourth year, French major with a double minor in Drama and Italian. 

Q. What is the scariest thing you have learned in one of your classes? 

A. That I’m going to have to know basic math to survive in life. 

Q. What is your favourite candy you received while trick-or-treating as a child? 

A. Reese’s Pieces 

Q. What character or role would you play in a horror movie? 

A. The killer or the main character with a bone-chilling scream. 

Q. What creature would you not want to run into in a dark forest? 

A. The demogorgon. 

Q. Would you spend the night in a haunted house? 

A. Absolutely not. 

Q. What is the coolest or strangest Halloween costume you have ever seen? 

A. In grade six, I dressed up as the Bride of Frankenstein and styled my hair up high with three donuts. I also used white hair spray as electric bolts along the side of my hairdo, and it was pretty cool, if I do say so myself. 

After this, Alexandra tells me about a strangely shaped figure she saw in an upper window of Kelly Library. This is how I leave her to reunite with her reflection.