Necessary Additions To Your 2023 Playlist

Necessary Additions To Your 2023 Playlist

Photo Credit: Spotify

The best music 2023 has to offer, so far…

Ben Hohener, Staff Writer

As we are heading into the third month of 2023, new music seems to drop every other week. While a lot of it can easily be ignored (I’m looking at you MANSION MUSIK), there are some releases that are definitely worth checking out. Here are some of my top picks of recent 2023 music that should hopefully find their way onto your playlists and into your earbuds.

Let’s Start Here. by Lil Yachty (album)

A lot of you may know Lil Yachty as a prominent member of the recent wave of “mumble rappers,” like the always trendy Uzi and fan favourite Playboi Carti. Yachty never seemed to reach my ears with his previous autotune-heavy rap. However, his new album is of a completely different genre entirely. Let’s Start Here is a psychedelic rock album, taking noticeable inspiration from Pink Floyd, while adding his own unique twist. It’s a new step forward in the artist’s career, hence the album’s name. It may seem weird at first, but I promise it’s worth a listen. Easily my favourite project of 2023 so far, and will most likely be one of my favourites by the end of the year. Notable tracks include: “drive ME crazy!,” “running out of time,” and “the BLACK seminole.”

“Let Me Go” and “Do You Like Me?” by Daniel Caesar (two singles)

For all you R&B fans out there, Daniel Caesar probably caught your eye a while ago with his first album, Freudian. These two new singles dropped in January and February respectively, seemingly a tease for a future album coming out later this year. While both singles are excellent in showcasing the sound of this future album, my personal preference is “Do You Like Me?” with his usual soft, slow-as-molasses voice caressing me in a warm hug.

Chess Moves by Tha God Fahim (album)

For you underground rap fans out there, this eight track album is severely underappreciated. His balance of slow flow and cloudy beats are reminiscent of Freddie Gibbs’ work, with his own special touch courtesy of producer NicoJP. Only 18 minutes, put it on with a game of chess with your buddies and lay back, all thanks to Tha God himself. Notable tracks include: “First Move” and “B Faded.”

This Is Why by Paramore (album)

For reference, I’m not much of an avid rock fan, I’m more of a hip-hop guy. But the post-punk vibes combined with Hayley Williams’ angsty voice make me want to blast this while riding a motorcycle through underground tunnels, or maybe snowboarding. The drums and bass are fantastic, making it an album definitely worth checking out. Notable tracks include: “This Is Why,” “The News,” and “You First.”