Redirected, Not Rejected

Redirected, Not Rejected

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God’s role in dealing with rejection and healing

Inioluwa Ajenifuja, The Mike Staff Writer

“We regret to inform you…” 

These words, in whatever form they come – that dream job, relationship, or society – words hurt, and they feel worse when they come after much sacrifice. 

You may feel betrayed when you involve God in the process, and it still does not work out. 

I prayed and fasted, did he not hear me? Am I not enough? Where did it all go wrong? Sometimes, we forget that praying for something does not automatically mean God consented to the path we pray for. Prayer is not demanding things from Heaven but speaking what Heaven demands. It is even worse when we act like we are okay because we want to seem strong. God said to bring your broken self to him. Do not hide it because the devil feeds in the dark. 

Rejection is redirection and the process matters. Rejection is a means of healing your sense of value. In instances where you have always felt you were not enough and had to do better, God takes you out of that situation for you to see your own worth. The healing of God requires rejection. Luke 20:17 states “The stone which the builders rejected […]”. Even the Saviour was rejected by his people and nailed to the cross. That is not the end of the story. The full scripture states, “The stone which the builders rejected; this became the chief cornerstone.” For the revelation of true worth manifesting, we might have to go through some hiccups. 

Life was never promised to be smooth sailing. Rejection can also make you question things around you. It makes you feel like you are being preyed on and you just want to hide. Yes, maybe you are being preyed on as a sheep amongst wolves, but what you perceive as rejection is the shepherd keeping you. Only a sheep has a shepherd and yours is the great one. The truth is you are not called to everyone and not everyone is called to your dream. If they reject you, it is because they cannot yet see your capacity, you can never be the right one for the wrong person, so do not devalue yourself. 

If you look back on every phase you were rejected and look at where you are now, you will see that it did not kill you as you thought it would. Did it hurt? Yes. Did you feel like you were being suffocated? Yes. All of that was real, but what is even more real is that you are standing, you will look back on the situation or scar and say, “it does not hurt as much anymore.” When you are rejected, the enemy wants to plant a seed of enmity, but God wastes no time or tears. He is omniscient, and he loves to do good things for his children, so have faith that he knows all things and can see the bigger picture. 

Acknowledge the pain; do not act like it is okay. Get a bowl of ice cream and binge-watch all day. At least give yourself a day of grace to feel the pain and go to God, let him know that you surrender the pain and situation to him, because we only see a part when there is a whole. You were not rejected but just redirected. Get your hands back on the steering wheel and drive.

Inspired by Stephanie Ike: Rejected for a purpose.