Songs to Get You Through Midterms

Songs to Get You Through Midterms

Photo Credit: Amal Khan, Illustrations Editor

An exam survival playlist

Mahum Masroor, The Mike Contributor

“Don’t Worry Be Happy” — Bobby McFerrin 

This a cappella song is not only relaxing but also quite humorous. The lyrics are filled with enough instruction on how to “be happy” to get you through that one paragraph you’re unable to move past. 

“Cruisin’ for a Bruisin'” — Ross Lynch, Grace Phipps  

Why not take a trip down memory lane and play the song we listened to while studying in seventh grade? “Cruisin’ for a Bruisin'” has that perfect rhythm that instantly gets you on your feet. I guarantee it will brighten your day. 

“Misery” — Matt Maltese  

Let’s all be honest, studying can be a gigantic pain. There’s no way around it, so might as well embrace the utter sadness, frustration, and confusion that walks hand-in-hand with having to write three essays week after week.   

“still feel.” — half•alive 

While the previous song is quite saddening, this one will lift your spirit in a heartbeat, especially when you reach the catchy chorus.  

“Cough Cough” — Everything Everything 

Everything Everything is falling apart in midterm season, and because we are all sick of studying, it only makes sense to play a song that has actual coughing as part of its background music. The drums layered with Jonathan Higgs’ vocals creates a catchy rhythm that gives your brain a mental break from all of the stress.   

“Victorious” — Panic! at the Disco

Who better to describe this song than Brendon Urie himself? “It makes me want to tackle something. I wanted to have something to amp me up. It’s about having that confidence and being like, ‘Yeah, I could be the greatest, I just have to push myself to do it.’” 

“This Mountain” — Faouzia  

Here’s another confidence booster. Faouzia’s rich and powerful voice will captivate you within seconds and you’ll be left with only Faouzia and her words. I find that her voice is enough to de-stress anyone, especially a university student.  

“Don’t Stop Me Now” — Queen 

When is Queen ever the wrong answer? Although the song is about having a “wild night” without any interventions, a university student can take this song as an invitation to have a wild night of studying without any interruptions — except for Queen, of course.  

“Walls Could Talk” — Halsey  

Halsey provides us with a song filled with angry energy that you can’t help but relate to. It pulls you with how emotional her voice is, and is it enough to listen to throughout midterms? Why not! 

“The Ghost of You” — Caro Emerald  

“The Ghost of You” has a retro-modern beat perfect to instantly relax the stress out of you. It also fits this month’s Halloween theme! Two birds, one stone? I’d say so!