Stress-Relieving Activities During This Finals Season

Stress-Relieving Activities During This Finals Season

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How to survive the worst time of the year

Julia Correale, Contributor

Finals… such a wonderful time of year… NOT! As we all know, finals season is rapidly approaching. This very season is any university student’s most stressful, exhausting, and humbling experience of the semester. This period in time denotes crammed study spaces, a never-ending stream of papers, long-winded notes, and the realization that no amount of coffee will make that tired feeling disappear. As I’m sure many of us have experienced, exam stress can affect our overall academic performance and negatively impact our mental health. We experience increased anxiety, lack of preparation, and persistent fear of failing. This leads to irregular sleeping schedules, missed classes, poor eating habits, and a lack of self-care, among many other bad study habits. 

It is essential that you set aside some time to focus on your own well-being during this stressful season. Here are some quick and simple activities that will help you de-stress: 

Get moving: A great way to relieve stress is to take a break and head out for a walk or spend an hour at the gym. Physical activity is one of the best ways to naturally alleviate anxiety, popularly recommended by many throughout our university career. During physical activity, stress and anxiety are reduced, and our psychological well-being is increased. Engaging in physical activity encourages you to stretch after spending hours sitting in a chair, get some fresh air, perhaps accomplish a new fitness goal, and shift your focus towards something other than your textbooks. 

Check-in with others: Friends are always a great source of comfort! After spending several hours studying, sometimes all it takes to boost your mood is a simple 5-minute chat with a friend. A well-deserved study break can be achieved by catching up with others, having a good laugh, or simply talking about your day. Although many of us are in different programs and it can be challenging to stay connected during exam season, sending a text or making a phone call is fairly easy and effortless. These connections assure that you’re not alone by proving many of the feelings you’re experiencing are normal and shared by many others. 

Pamper yourself: Follow that six-step skin-care regimen! No face mask, niacinamide, or jade roller should be forgotten. During exam season, a majority of students completely neglect their personal care, and guess what? It’s not a wise practice. Personal hygiene is what maintains our self-assurance, makes us happy, and gives us the satisfaction of feeling accomplished. Take time to engage in your regular wellness routine. 

Organize the unorganized: Who wants to finally organize their cluttered bookshelf? Organizing several elements of your surroundings can be beneficial if you want to be productive during your study breaks. This may include folding your laundry, making your bed, or cleaning your desk drawers. When your surroundings are neat and organized, studying is always more enjoyable and easier to tackle. 

Sleep!!: Sleep, please! Your brain will relax, refuel, and regenerate as you sleep. Without adequate rest, our bodies run continuously without a break. This is an efficient way for putting your finals worries on hold until much later. When test time does come around, you’ll feel better rested and perform higher.