The Best Spots in U of T

The Best Spots in U of T

Photo Credit: Natasha Aust

Walk into campus knowing where the best spots are at

Agatha Mociani, Associate Arts Editor 

After two years of remote and hybrid learning, there are many things I’m looking forward to doing at university this year. With the heavy workload of my fourth year looming over me, I find solace in the prospect of returning to all of my favourite spots around campus. I can’t help but fantasize about strolling around, paperback and latte in hand. For those who haven’t had the chance to lose themselves while wandering across campus (anyone who started university after fall 2019), here are some places you should explore!

Emmanuel College Library

A few years ago, I took a great photo of Emmanuel Library; I posted it online and it ended up on Pinterest and countless Instagram mood boards. Simply seeing the Internet fawn over a space I studied in daily reminded me how lucky I was to attend such a beautiful school. This tiny, secluded library is tucked in a corner of Emmanuel College, right across from the Old Victoria College building. It’s an intimate study spot for students who don’t want to deal with the busy nature of larger libraries on campus.

Innis Café

The Innis Café is a family-run and affordable café at Innis College. The service is quick, the food is consistently delicious, made from scratch, and it’s a great place to socialize while having a meal. Some of their most popular menu items include burritos and chicken kabobs. They even have a great smoothie selection to help power you through those morning classes!

University College Junior Common Room (and Diabolos Coffee Bar)

Architecturally speaking, this place is breathtaking. High ceilings, wood-panelled walls, and chandeliers make the UC common room feel straight out of a movie. It has all the trappings of a perfect common room: It’s equipped with a collection of really soft couches, an out-of-tune piano, and a café that serves amazing drinks. If you need a breath of fresh air, the courtyard is just steps away. 

University of St. Michael’s College College Quad

The St. Mike’s Quad is a lovely green space perfect for picnics and casual hangouts. In early fall, I find it to be less busy than the (more popular) Vic Quad, and I appreciate its close proximity to Kelly Library and the gorgeous St. Mike’s buildings.

Bamboo Garden at the Donnelly Building

In the winter, visiting U of T’s various indoor gardens really helps me deal with the lack of greenery outside. The atmosphere of this particular garden is incredibly peaceful. Romanticizing the St. George campus is probably a coping mechanism for me, helping me justify the stress that accompanies a U of T education. Truthfully, there are so many beautiful spaces available to students here, and we should all take advantage of them.