The Lifestyle Section’s Holiday Gift Guide of 2020

The Lifestyle Section’s Holiday Gift Guide of 2020

Photo Credit: Maria Kotob, Photo Editor

The ultimate list for your holiday shopping

Alessia Tenaglia, The Mike Staff Writer

There is only a month left until the holidays! Come the end of November, holiday lights and decorations are being put up already, and don’t forget the snowfall, of course. If this has reminded you or has made you inclined to start your holiday shopping, you are not alone. Sometimes, gift shopping can be hard, so I have come up with some gift suggestions for anyone in your life that you may want to surprise!

For Mom & Sister

Sephora is a good start since they have specially put together holiday value gift sets each year! You will be guaranteed to find something in-store or online whether looking at beauty products or skincare. If the person you want to buy for enjoys relaxation, then Lush is the place to go, ranging from bath bombs to hair treatments. Both retailers offer affordable value sets that are less expensive than buying each item separately, allowing you to get more for your money. If the person you are buying for is concerned with wellness, Amazon has yoga mats, glow lamps and books that allow for an upkeep of positivity. 

For Dad & Brother 

Amazon can help with this, there are lava and glow lamps that could be a great addition to bedrooms. There are also wireless earphones listed at affordable prices for either blocking out the noise, online school or just listening to music. Mugs are also a good option to consider using around the home or office this year. Remember that no one can go wrong with a classic book, so Indigo may be worth considering.

For Significant Other & Best Friend

A gift card to their favourite store would do the trick. Also, consider that for the cold days ahead, a sweatshirt, hat or scarf is always welcomed! If they are inside, since most of us are socially distancing, consider a gift card for Netflix, Starbucks, Door dash or UberEats since these are all essential things in our new way of life. 

For Pet

PetSmart and Amazon have holiday flavored treats, beds, sweaters and toys. Basically, anything that your furry, feathery or scaly friend would ever dream of is sold at these two retailers! Remember that pets are the easiest to shop for, they will never be disappointed with a new toy or a bag of treats. 

Try to remember that although a good holiday gift is never not welcomed; the holidays are not just about the gifts but the moments you spend together. Do not spend money simply because you must, but because you want to. Also, make sure that you do not associate the value of things with your personal value of the person/pet because you may end up spending more than you had hoped. 

Overall, I hope that with this list, it either gives you ideas or inspires you to gift something similar. Happy holiday shopping and don’t forget to shop with some cheer whether online or in a socially distanced store!