Unlocking the Mystery: Why So Many Men Think About Ancient Rome

Unlocking the Mystery: Why So Many Men Think About Ancient Rome

Photo Credit: Emily Tung

Perhaps the answer lies in its powerful rulers, enduring people, and intricate architecture.

Kirill Logoveev, Contributor 

A recent TikTok trend revealed that men think about the Roman Empire more often than one might expect. When women posed the question, they received surprising responses like “once a day” or “a few times a week.” While some may find this puzzling, as a man, I am not the least bit surprised. And so, I’m here to explain why the Roman Empire is popular among men these days and why this should not be viewed as astonishing. 

One of the reasons why Rome was so successful is the remarkable success of its powerful rulers. Their bravery, leadership, and intelligence differentiated them from their contemporaries, and earned them a place in history as some of the most influential figures of all time. The empire’s longevity is proof of the rulers’ success; they created and managed an empire for many centuries. Creating something that can last many generations is the ultimate symbol of success. For modern men, they serve as the epitome of what to aspire to. 

Another reason the Roman Empire frequently occupies men’s thoughts is because of the harsh living conditions of that era. I’ve come across a meme suggesting that men would rather contemplate the Roman Empire than seek therapy. Life back then was considerably more challenging than our lives today, and ruminating on their struggles helps quell men’s inner conflicts. We understand that the people living back then did not contemplate the issues we’re facing. This allows us to tackle our troubles in two ways: firstly, by understanding that things can be much worse and secondly, by realizing that our problems are not that serious in the grand scheme of things. 

The final reason why so many men think of ancient Rome is because of its aesthetics. There’s no denying that Roman architects created beautiful masterpieces, full of intricate details and iconic designs. In contrast, today’s prevailing stylist trend is minimalism. Although aesthetically pleasing for its simplicity, minimalism can also be seen as the death of intricate detailing. In a world that often lacks such detail, reminiscing about the beauty of ancient Rome’s architecture and aesthetics reminds us of the value of embracing intricate craftsmanship. 

Although the Roman Empire may be gone, its impact still resonates today. Many men frequently think about it because of its powerful rulers, the endurance of its people, and the amazing architecture it left behind. So, the better question is: why aren’t you also thinking of the Roman Empire?