John Taylor Hired as USMC Student Life Coordinator

John Taylor Hired as USMC Student Life Coordinator

Taylor began employment at the Office of Student Life as of December 4, 2017

Aaron Panciera  NEWS EDITOR

Photo: John Taylor / USMC.


On December 4, 2017, John Taylor joined the Office of Student Life as the University of St. Michael’s College’s (USMC) new Student Life Coordinator. According to the USMC website, Taylor will work to “support leadership programs, community outreach, student organizations and commuter life on campus.” Taylor will report to Oriana Bertucci, Director of Student Life at USMC.  

Previous to his employment at USMC, Taylor worked as the Program Administrator of Music & Arts and Day Respite Programs at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, which is Canada’s largest children’s rehabilitation hospital and a teaching institution partnered with the University of Toronto (U of T). 

“My role was focused on supporting clients, their families, staff, and university students who engaged with our program in therapeutic, professional, and learning capacities,” Taylor told The Mike.  

In many ways, it was his role with the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital that gave him the desire to work with students at USMC. When asked what motivated him to take the Student Life Coordinator job, Taylor had much to say. 

“First of all, I love working with young adults. I’ve had many opportunities to work, volunteer, and participate in various communities with high school and university students,” Taylor said. “The energy, creativity, and good humour I’ve found in young adult groups is consistently refreshing.” 

Moreover, Taylor is particularly excited to work at USMC, as he told The Mike, “I’ve gotten to know many students, alumni, and staff of the University, and they all seem to share a specific affection for the campus, community, and life experience offered [at USMC]!” 

On what he hopes to accomplish as Student Life Coordinator, Taylor has a very optimistic yet pragmatic view of what he can achieve. 

“As USMC Student Life Coordinator, my job is primarily to help the student community engage with a diverse range of non-academic programs and opportunities offered to provide a rich and balanced life experience while at university,” Taylor said. “To this end, my hope is that students will leave USMC at the end of their studies having been part of a welcoming student life community with a better sense of who they are as people, what they want to do with their lives, and some good ideas about which path(s) to take.” 

Taylor acknowledges that this is a very broad vision, and like any new employee, is trying to figure out what this vision will look like. However, Taylor sees this ambiguity as an opportunity to grow.  

“Being as new as I am, I am still understanding exactly what this will look like,” Taylor said. “Feel free to ask me again in a year!”