A Look At SMCSU Plans, Initiatives for 2018

A Look At SMCSU Plans, Initiatives for 2018

February’s AGM aims to bring new initiatives and promote existing ones


Photo: New SMCSU logo.


The St. Michael’s College Student Union’s (SMCSU) Annual General Meeting (AGM), projected to take place this February, will usher in new and existing initiatives for University of St. Michael’s College (USMC) students, and promises to keep students both informed and involved.  

“SMCSU has been working hard since October to get things done either internally within the council, as well as with external affairs,” SMCSU Vice-President Kate Strazds told The Mike. “As a council, we are collectively excited to continue to communicate with students and hope to continue our efforts to help strengthen the community within USMC.” 

SMCSU President Samantha Douek has created the new SMCSU website that is set to launch by the end of January. The council has also created new Facebook and Instagram accounts to help strengthen communication between students and the union that represents them.  

Numerous events and initiatives have already taken place this year, including the various Winterfest events that took place January 8–12, football viewing events, Pizza and Board Games events, and Kelly’s Korner.   

Events planned for this semester will be released in a timetable that spans the rest of the 2018 term. They will include, but are not limited to, monthly Kelly’s Korner and Pair-A-Dice collaboration events, Super Bowl and Olympic viewing parties, and pancake breakfasts. There is also a formal being planned for the end of the year amongst leaders at USMC.  

In terms of logistics, the budget for the 2017–18 term will be made available to students and be open for discussion during the AGM in February. 

In terms of job openings for SMCSU, the council has accepted applicants for the positions that were made available, and has made sure to reach out to the individuals who have expressed interest. 

Council positions that were not filled in the October election include Vice-President of Religious Affairs, Vice-President of Athletics, and Vice-President of Finance. According to Strazds, “Since it is almost February, the council believes that creating committees in lieu of having another election before March will be a great way for students to get involved with SMCSU initiatives.” Committees that SMCSU intends to create include a first-year committee and a formal planning committee.   

When asked what students should keep in mind for this semester, SMCSU responded that they encourage students to stay posted for upcoming initiatives and collaborations on the horizon. The more students can communicate with the council to express what they are interested in or if they have any inquiries about the council, the better they can fulfill their job.  

“Our job on SMCSU is ultimately to represent the great body of students from USMC,” Strazds writes. “We hope to keep you engaged within the community, and plan initiatives that are devoted to improving your community and academic life on campus, while planning these initiatives by keeping equity in mind and finally executing these events with care and in an organizational manner.”