SMC Hosts Third Annual Medieval Studies Undergraduate Conference

SMC Hosts Third Annual Medieval Studies Undergraduate Conference

Students will present papers in medieval studies at two-day conference

Sabrina Daniele  EDITOR-AT-LARGE

Image: MSUS Facebook Page

The Medieval Studies Undergraduate Society (MSUS) is hosting its annual Medieval Studies Undergraduate Conference from January 26 to 27. Held at the University of St. Michael’s College (USMC) within the University of Toronto (U of T), students across all three U of T campuses have an opportunity to present their academic papers within the broader theme of Medieval Studies.

This two-day conference highlights the performances of academic papers written during an applicant’s post-secondary education that will address Medieval Studies in many forms.

“Our aim is to provide a space for undergraduate students to present on a medieval topic in a supportive academic environment,” Sophie Charron, co-chair of MSUS told The Mike. “We wish to encourage them to build their experience and confidence presenting. 

Applicants will individually present their work in front of the other speakers and attendees. The majority in attendance will be undergraduate students from U of T, but faculty members and graduate students will also reach out.

A paper’s submission must adhere to themes that fall within the area of Medieval Studies. The candidate has the option to present the following topics: history, linguistics, language, political science, literature, geography, religion/theology, medieval science and medicine, late antiquity, women and gender, and Anglo-Saxon and Celtic Studies.

 Charron explains that the conference “provides an opportunity for students to showcase the broad range of topics in the field, and a chance to find out a bit more about what we study.”  

The Medieval Studies Undergraduate Society opened its Undergraduate Conference to post-secondary participants from across Ontario.

“In the past, we have had speakers from other universities in Ontario; it is not limited to U of T,” Charron said.  

Last year, Brock University gave its students an opportunity to present their work at the MSUS Conference in 2018.  

“Hopefully, there will be something there for everyone,” Charron concluded.

The deadline for submissions closed on Friday, January 11. However, if students are still interested in the conference, they can come out and support their fellow peers.

The Medieval Studies Undergraduate Conference had announced specific submission details on December 30, 2018. The Call for Papers requested two types of information. The applicant must fill out an online form that requests personal information about the author. This includes a student’s email address, full first and last name, a short biography (year, majors), accompanied by a detailed explanation about the paper itself. Submitting the two-part form can only deem valid entry.

The applicant must state the paper’s abstract (200–500 words), bibliography and research interests (1 page), and a personal statement, which must answer if the applicant’s paper was submitted for a class. If so, the course code and the grade the paper received must be stated as well.

“No experience needed,” the Medieval Studies Undergraduate Society confirmed on the MSUS Facebook page.

The entire application had to been fully completed in order to adhere to the codes and conduct of the Medieval Studies Undergraduate Conference.