A Review of Billy’s

A Review of Billy’s

Photo Credit: Zomato

A hidden culinary gem in the heart of the Dovercourt and Bloor intersection

José Casas, The Mike Staff Writer

When I was in second year, I lived in an area near Little Italy and Koreatown, just steps away from so many amazing restaurants that the city has to offer. In this article, I am not going to talk about any of those. Instead, I want to highlight a place I visited very often, a hidden gem located in the corner of Dovercourt and Bloor – a lovely spot called Billy’s Souvlaki Place. It is also known simply as “Billy’s” among the fine dining connoisseurs, but because it’s around so many other popular restaurants, it is easy to miss a place like Billy’s.

Billy’s offers an amazing atmosphere as well as an affordable price range. It has a variety of delicious (I assume) dishes to choose from too. Although in the times I went, I only got the same thing and never tried anything else. I would always order a dish called the “All Day Breakfast Special.” Despite its clever name, this Breakfast Special was only available before 11 AM, reserved only for the most dedicated customers.

The All Day Breakfast Special consists of the following delicacies:

  • As the main component, you get a selection of bacon, ham, or sausage – excellently sauteed with a hint of a smoky aftertaste
  • Complimenting the meats, you get three whole eggs, cooked to perfection in your style of choice
  • A side of potatoes
  • All accompanied by browned bread topped with dairy cream spread and strawberry confiture

This is truly a luxurious breakfast to start each day right, a meal that feeds both the body and soul. They also serve the absolute worst coffee I have ever had, something I only ordered once and never again.

The chef, who we nicknamed “Billy,” even though his name probably was not that, was an interesting character. You could always see him step outside for smoke breaks every 10 minutes, taking in cigarette smoke which he would then be literally coughing up onto the food he was cooking on the grill. This was part of an experimental process to give the dish that special smoky flavor. At Billy’s, they also liked to keep things exciting by including unexpected surprises in every plate, like a strand of hair or even a small metallic chip.

All in all, this magnificent restaurant offers a unique gourmet experience that every food lover should try once in their life. If you’re like me (a degenerate,) I am sure you will end up going there many, many times. I believe that this review on Yelp perfectly summarizes the experience of eating at Billy’s: “If all [you’re] looking for is cheap food, and aren’t fussy about what you eat, you may be OK eating here.” It really is a wonderful place.