Just Another U of T Bucket List

Just Another U of T Bucket List

Photo Credit: Yasmeen Kamal, The Mike Contributor

Things you need to do before you graduate

Roxanne Atindehou and Yasmeen Kamal, The Mike Contributors

As our last year at the University of Toronto draws to a close, we both wanted to make sure that we took advantage of our campus. The other day, Roxanne came across an article by Narcity titled 30 Things All UofT Students Should Do At Least Once. After seeing that article, we both came to the realization that we only had less than a semester to do all these things. Before the start of the rest of our lives, as disgustingly cliche as that sounds, we wanted to get the complete university experience before closing this “formative” chapter of our lives. 

We compiled our own bucket list of things we want to do before our graduation in June: 

–       Watch a free concert or event being held at the Faculty of Music

–       Go to the Trinity Quad Greens in the Spring 

–       Watch a free movie at the CINSSU (The Cinema Studies Student Union)

–       Write an article or become a Staff Writer for the campus newspaper (This is what we are doing right now hehehe)

–       Swim at Hart House

–       Study inside the suspended pods at the Leslie Dan Pharmacy Building

–       Take advantage of the Career Center (We plan to utilize this to get resume and cover letter help)

–       Take aesthetic pictures at  the Sky Garden in the Engineering Building 

–       Use the telescope at the McLennan Lab

–       Book the tennis court at the Athletic Center  

–       Go to the Earth Science Greenhouse for a change of scenery 

–       And finally: taking a graduation photo with our degrees at the door of University College

The list above includes things on the Narcity list that we still have not accomplished, but there were other things on the list that we did do.  So, we also want to include recommendations of what we think every UofT student should do once before they graduate, and some of these ideas were also mentioned in the Narcity article.

Pictured: Cherry Blossom trees at Robarts in the Spring.

These are some of our suggestions:

  • Participate in our College’s Orientation (Hoikety Choik!) 
  • Go watch a varsity game (we watched 3 basketball games and definitely recommend going!)
  • Going to the Coop at SMC or your College’s student lounge and attending the many events offered (a great way to meet people and make new friends, plus free food!!!)
  • Take photos with the cherry blossoms near Robarts in the spring
  • Go ice skating if you have never been!

We hope you have as much fun as we have completing this ultimate but definitely not exhaustive bucket list! Please consider taking advantage of all the fun places and things you can do at UofT, especially since campus is open again and there are many opportunities to be socially and academically involved.