Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas

Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas

Photo Credit: Rachael Sosensky, Make-Up Artist

5 ways to get a scary look when you’re running late

Kaavya Punn, Editor-at-Large

Didn’t give Halloween much thought? Or maybe you’re looking for ways to spice up your look? Luckily, Halloween is the one day where makeup can look disastrous and still seem intentional. This article is for you–Halloween makeup ideas, for anyone at all! Here are a few easy ways to make yourself look frightening:

  1. Idea One: Darken the Eyes 

Darken the skin around your eyes. This can be done by using any dark eyeshadow, most ideally within the range of blacks, purples, and greens. Sparkly eyeshadow may have a less scary effect, but who’s to say anything; you make the rules! 

An alternative may be to use charcoal or something to give a dark hue. Use those sleepless nights to your advantage. For the record, this is not the look! Do not deprive yourself from sleep!

  1. Idea Two: Blood

No, not real blood; dark lip-gloss makes an ideal and convenient substitute. You could also purchase faux blood from any costume store.

To make things realistic, line the bloody area with dark maroon or green underneath and put a small trickle of ‘blood’ to make it look like it’s coming from it. Do not make things too bloody or smudge the blood too much, otherwise it won’t look convincing. You can even put this on your neck or clothes.

  1. Idea Three: Expose Your Bones:

Want to go really crazy and happen to have white face paint or makeup? Bring out some bones! The easiest way to do this is to mimic teeth (see pictures for reference). Using black to make the highlights can also help define the look. 

  1. Idea Four: Face Decals:

You can find terrifying or aesthetic face stickers at any costume store or Dollarama. This inexpensive option allows for a last-minute look, and one that looks less scruffy and clean. Designs often include skulls, flowers, and other designs highlighting facial features, such as eyebrow stickers.

5. Idea Five: Clown Face

Who isn’t terrified of clowns (sorry Cam from Modern Family)? And how easy does this clown look? Just refer to the pictures! Use any skin-safe medium to do this to yourself and you’ll look like a clown! Doing this in black may give you a scary edge. Try to keep lines sharp or clean them up for a more sophisticated look.