Music Year in Review

Music Year in Review

Photo Credit: Zyari, Deviantart

Yes, Corpse Husband is my top artist…

By Shelby Stewart

Ah, finally the time of year we are all waiting for. It’s not Christmas and it’s not Halloween, but it’s… SPOTIFY WRAPPED SEASON! For those of you who know what I’m talking about, I hope you are just as excited as I am. For those of you who use Apple Music, it’s time to switch to the superior music streaming app (sorry, I don’t make the rules). Jokes aside, the wonderful time when we see the data that Spotify has collected to remind us of how mentally stable we were all year is soon to arrive. 

The music streaming app, Spotify, collects data from the start of the year, the 1st of January, until the 31st of October, to give us a wonderful collection to look back on and listen to our favourites again. So if you’re someone like me, whose top artist for the past six months has been the Youtuber/streamer Corpse Husband, (don’t judge me, we all have something we’re not proud of), you have probably been trying to fix that and change it to someone else so that people don’t give you strange looks… (Halsey comes in for a close tie, if anyone is curious).

Just you wait… very very soon we will all be blessed with the multiple Instagram stories and playlists of everyone posting their Spotify Wrapped results, sharing with everyone how their year went through the musical lens. I know it sounds like I’m hating on people who post each slide of their Spotify Wrapped on their stories, but believe me, I’m not. I share mine as well, and because of it I’ve found so many other people with similar music tastes as me; some of us even had some of the same top artists over the past year (ahem.. Yungblud). 

While this article is about Spotify Wrapped, I’d be a fool to not share some of my predictions. So here we go, 

Top artist: Corpse Husband

Top song: Wind (one of the Naruto closing OP’s)

Top podcast: The Very Really Good Podcast (Kurtis Conner)

Top genre: Not going to lie, I really don’t know but probably Pop… (Lil Nas X had some bops this year)

That aside, Spotify Wrapped is truly something wonderful. It gives us all a chance to look at how we all have changed over the year and even gives us a chance to once again look back and find some gems we might have forgotten. From showing us our top artists, songs, genres and even podcasts, Spotify Wrapped is truly the best way to remind us of the people we were. Yet, that’s not all Spotify Wrapped does; it opens doors to new artists by giving you some pretty banger playlists based on our listening habits, and it even opens the door to allow new people into your life.

So over the next couple of months, while we wait, we can continue to stress and think about what our year might look like… or we might use statsforspotify to check up on it, but just remember that no matter what your Spotify Wrapped looks like, it will show us the way we grew, changed and some of the music that made us, us, and defined a pretty interesting year. Remember you should never be ashamed of your music taste; it’ll always be superior to someones, and that someone is not me because Corpse Husband is superior in so many ways.