Need coffee? We’ve got you covered!

Need coffee? We’ve got you covered!

Photo Credit: Samantha Hamilton, Photos Editor

Three places to stay caffeinated during another dreadful midterm season

Nicole Gordon, The Mike Staff Writer

Sometimes I get tired of studying in libraries or in my room and would like to venture to a new environment. Restrictions are easing so I decided to check out some cafés near campus that fit into my student budget. Here is a list of a few I recommend you check out!

Jimmy’s Coffee 

166 McCaul St

This café is near the Exam Centre, and Krispy Kreme on McCaul St. The coffee is very flavourful and fresh since it is made right in front of you, and the barista makes creative latte art. Inside there are a few tables where you can lounge or study for a bit. The prices range from $2.50 to $5. You make the coffee customized by adding an espresso shot, steamed milk, or flavour shot. They also sell tea bags and coffee bags if you want to bring some products home.

Aroma Espresso Bar 

The Bay Charles Towers, 1110 Bay St.

This café may be more well-known out of the cafés on this list. However, it is my go-to, especially when I’m close to SMC. The hot chocolate is very good because they use rich chocolate squares, cocoa, and steamed milk. Once you get the hot chocolate you have to stir the bottom to mix the melted chocolate with the aforementioned ingredients. The warmth and sweetness from these drinks give me the energy needed to go throughout my day. My favourite sandwich from the menu is the avocado sandwich with house-made avocado spread, hard-boiled egg, tomato, red onion, pickled jalapeño. It is a fresh and crunchy sandwich with a spicy kick. I have also tried the grilled chicken and avocado, although I found the chicken to be hard. It also has goat cheese and arugula which I am not a big fan of. Overall, I think it has a broad selection that will suit many people’s tastes.

Hot chocolate Medium $5.75 Large $6.25 

Avocado sandwich Personal (half) $6.95 Whole $11.95 

Grilled Chicken and Avocado Personal (half) $8.95 Whole $15.95 

Manic Coffee

426 College St 

This café is a little out of the way from the rest of campus, although it’s worth the trip. It’s located in Kensington Market and is quite vibrant due to the variety of shops and unique street art. The café looks rustic as there are exposed brick and wood finishing. The price range of items is $2.40-&4.75. I recommend the vanilla latte because it is warm and creamy. The latte art is usually pretty good, but it depends on who your barista is that day. They also serve baked goods which look and taste delicious.