Need Something New On Your Timetable?

Need Something New On Your Timetable?

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The best electives to take at U of T

Athena Bucci,  The Mike Staff Writer

Whether you need to fill a breadth requirement, gain an extra credit, or are looking for something new to learn, electives are a great way to freshen up your timetable with something different. We asked some students to share some of their favourite electives. If you’re not sure what to take next term, check out the list we’ve compiled of the best electives.

  1. MGR100H —  Introduction to Modern Greek

If you’re interested in learning a new language, take Introduction to Modern Greek. The professor, who is born and raised in Greece, includes lessons on Greek culture and makes it easy for non-Greek students to learn. You can even take the continuing courses for a deeper knowledge of the language and culture! 

  1. SDS381H —  Intro to Trans Studies

This course looks into transgender issues —  legal, historical, political, healthcare, media representations, etc. —  and how they play an important role in everyday life. The assignments are mostly creative based, which help make the class really fun. 

  1. WGS271Y   Gender in Popular Culture

This course is designed to analyze the different elements of pop culture, such as music videos and TV shows. The class gets to discuss these elements through a feminist lens and queer representation.

  1. ENG102H —  Literature and the Sciences

If you love science fiction novels but want a class that’s a little easier, this is the one for you! The professor for this course gives out bi-weekly quizzes and even assigns you to watch one or two films. I would recommend this as a bird course for any science student!

  1. ENG239H —  Fantasy and Horror

If you’re looking for a break from reading all the classics, or are just a big fan of fantasy and horror books, this is a course for you. You get to read multiple novels and short stories while discussing elements within the fantasy and horror genres.

  1. SLA203 —  Faking It

This is a course that says it right in its name. This course discusses literary texts that play on the theme of forgery and digs deep on its role within identity. 

  1. AST101 —  The Sun and Its Neighbours

One of the good things about this class is not only the fact that it’s a great bird course for any non-science students, but there is also no math involved. This course discusses everything within our solar system —  the sun, planets, stars, etc. —  and how we’ve come to know about them all.