“Starry Night”

“Starry Night”

Showcasing Student Creativity

Aadya Jha, Contributor  

Trigger warning: mentions of suicide

Starry night 

You and I 

Holding hands 

Peering into each other’s eyes 

Drunk on daydreams 

We dance sloppily 

On a love song 

Worded in an unheard language  

Played in an exuberant bar 

In a foreign land of whiskey and pixie dust 

As the song progresses 

You hold me closer 

And I breathe into your ears 

The singer sings drowning in the music 


And I wonder if it means the joy of having formed a meaningful connection 

Or it’s just me narcissistically making everything about me. 


In your embrace, I seek acceptance 

In the smell of my hair, you seek home 

You run your hands down my back 

Drawing a heart 

I tickle the back of your neck 

Just to hear you laugh 

I wonder if it still hurts 

Being you, when the world has stabbed you with its deceit  

You nudge my shoulders as you ponder if they’re still weighed down by expectations  

I lost myself a long time ago 

When they threw their demur at me 

Breaking down each part of my esteem with their scathing judgments 

You died a long while ago 

When you lost the ones who built you 

Dashing like the tower built on faux promises 

Remnant dusts of which still choke you at night 

Yet in each other’s arms we seek revival  

Or at least a temporary straw to grasp for a moment of relief 

I adore the soothing silence between our conversations 

I love the incoherent sequence of our storytelling  

I smile at the words you stammer at 

I delight at the sight of you going on about how neoclassical metal should be mainstream 

Or how Metallica is overrated 

I appreciate how you sit through every Hitchcock classic with me or when you bought me Kubrick’s cassettes.  

Where would I feel accepted with all my eccentricities if not in your company  

Where would you have been if not sailing to this Neverland with me 

The song ends and we’re still holding each other 

Softly humming our gibberish version of its words 

I close my eyes to remember the euphoria I was high on tonight 

You wipe away your tears of realization 

It’s only now and this now never returns again 

Starry night 

And snow falls on us 

It’s now 

And seldom do we live in our now 

And that too with so much joy.