Top 10 Fall Essentials

Top 10 Fall Essentials

Photo Credit: Maria Kotob, Photo Editor

Items that complete the autumn season while in isolation

Drew-Anne Glennie, The Mike Contributor 

The majority of us look forward to the fall season every year. The leaves begin to change colours, the air suddenly becomes crisp, and it’s the perfect time to bring out some cozy sweaters. Here are 10 things that are essential for the fall season: 

  1. Candy Corn 

This treat is a staple for the autumn season. If you have convinced yourself that you “hate candy corn” and that “it’s disgusting,” I am here to tell you that you are wrong, and that is okay! Social pressure can make people do crazy things, like go to Nuit Blanche or dislike candy corn. University is the time to grow: start by admitting that candy corn is delicious.

  1.  Cozy Sweaters

Oh, autumn. Too hot for coats, too cold for t-shirts. That is why I have an array of comfy long sleeve shirts; a favourite of mine right now is my classic U of T rugby sweater. 

  1. Planner

My quarantine consisted of sleeping, snacking, and maybe some work. Now that I’m juggling five balls in the air for my classes, and two more for my work study, and extracurriculars, I need to plan my days, weeks, and months to make sure I do not accidentally drop any.

  1. Honey and Butter Toast

I have just remembered that toast exists, in all of its warm and crunchy goodness. I have taken to sitting by my window at night, wrapped in a blanket and savouring this delicacy: I am obsessed.

  1.  Among Us

Is there anything more fun than playing games with your friends? Over the internet and from a distance, of course. Among Us, an online mystery game, is not only perfect for connecting with friends from afar but is also on-brand for the spooky season. 

  1.   Tik Tok

Tik Tok reminds me every day that teenagers are the funniest people on the planet. You can take away my adult card for this one, but I went viral twice during quarantine, so I am pretty sure I am about to be recruited for the Hype House anyway.

  1. Iced Coffee

Fall is the season of intermittent hot and cold days before winter makes comfortably carrying iced coffee impossible. If you feel the sun on your skin, trek over to your favourite coffee shop: you never know which day will be your last opportunity to hold a delicious cup of cold coffee. 

  1.  Community (Seasons 1-3)

Fall can sometimes be a dreadful time, because it is also back to school season, which is why Community is the perfect show to binge on Netflix right now. Do not fret: the characters are procrastinating doing their work just as much as you are.

  1.  Fashion Boots

I have been rocking the same combat boots since I was fifteen: they are on-brand for fall, even if they are falling apart. Fall was made for boots, from combat to Doc Martens to Blundstones.

  1. Campus Theatre

All University of Toronto troupes are broadcasting their fall productions directly to our homes. Fall calls for all the joy of watching theatre, of course without the risk of COVID-19!