Top Outdoor Study Spaces

Top Outdoor Study Spaces

Photo Credit: Samantha Hamilton, Photo Editor

Best spots to enjoy campus life

Kaavya Punn, Editor-at-Large

With school back in full swing, many students are heading to campus and now is the opportunity for them to use outdoor spaces to catch a breath in between classes, enjoy the weather and make the most of the in-person experience. Here are a few outdoor study spaces for you to enjoy:

Outside Gerstein Library:

Outside Gerstein Library
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Yes, Gerstein Library has an outdoor sitting area to the right of its main entrance! Being only a few steps away from the library’s indoor facilities (bathroom, water refills, staff services), this is a great place for those wanting to snack or participate aloud during longer classes. 

Sidney Smith’s Blue Path: 

Blue Path at Syd Smith
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Located at the heart of St. George Street that’s lined with many of U of T’s lecture buildings, this is a popular location for students to relax in between classes, grab a snack from a numerous selection of places and even to play basketball at the outdoor court.  Make sure to grab a seat before they are packed away for the winter!

Sidney Smith’s Back and Front Patio:

Seating area in front of Syd Smith
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Sidney Smith offers two large patios at its front and back entrance for students to socialise or study.

Victoria College Quad:

Enjoy the natural shade from the trees at Victoria College’s Quad. While there are many benches to sit on, the best way to enjoy is with a bedsheet on the grass. (P.S.: the grass does not stain your clothes!)

Innis Rooftop Study Area:

Located at Innis College behind Robarts Library, this college rooftop topped with patio furniture makes for a relaxing and picturesque study spot. It’s also a great way to socialize with the vibrant and chatty ambience this rooftop attracts throughout the day.  

Innis Rooftop
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