Need to Know: Your USMC Writing Centre

Need to Know: Your USMC Writing Centre

Book online and do so early, as appointments tend to fill up quickly


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Do you need help with any of your writing assignments? Or, would you like to help other students with their writing? The University of St. Michael’s College (USMC) Writing Centre offers USMC students and students enrolled in USMC courses support with assignments and with any writing-related questions they may have.

It offers objective criticism of students’ written assignments in any subject (for assignments ranging from English essays to chemistry reports to scholarship applications). Instructors can help students with such topics as focus, organization, and grammar. Each session, which may take up to 45 minutes, can help students develop their writing and revision skills.

Students who wish to utilize the Writing Centre can do so by visiting the USMC website.

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Individuals who book an appointment should, however, adhere to the cancellation policy, which states that students who need to cancel an appointment are asked to do so at least 24 hours in advance. Students may make appointments up to a week in advance.

The Writing Centre also hosts drop-in sessions on Wednesdays from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. in room 302 of the Kelly Library. The drop-in sessions are helpful for students who could not get an appointment, have last-minute questions, or would like to get additional support from other instructors and students.

Jenna Brooke, an Associate Professor in the teaching stream at USMC and the Director of USMC’s Writing Centre states the goal of the Writing Centre as to “provide writing support to St. Mike’s students and students enrolled in USMC courses.” She also mentioned that since appointments tend to “book quickly,” (especially during the busier times of the academic year), and so, she advises that students register for sessions as soon as possible.

They ask that students “bring in [their] assignment sheet and other relevant course material,” as well as “both a printed hardcopy of your work and an electronic version.”

USMC offers students a wide range of programs to assist them in their academic work, and the Writing Centre is one of them. It’s a great, and often under-utilized resource for both students who are struggling with written assignments as well as those who are simply looking for some additional feedback.