A Letter From the Editor

A Letter From the Editor

Dear Readers, 

The Mike has been dedicated to serving student voices since its construction, and despite our current global situation and struggle, The Mike will continue to be an avenue for student voices and issues to be heard. Since The Mike was formed, it has been an integral part of St. Michael’s College, and here at The Mike we understand the importance of continuing to represent and serve students — especially during our current crisis. 

As the incoming Editor-in-Chief I would like to say that on behalf of the 2020-21 masthead, we at The Mike are committed to representing not only St. Michael’s College students, but also the wider community as we maneuver through this unprecedented time together. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and our community being so spread apart, The Mike has had to make a lot of changes. Regardless, we hope that you as readers and contributors will continue to engage in and be a part of these changes. 

Unfortunately, for the time being The Mike has had to shift our focus and as such has made the hard decision to forgo our print copy of the paper. But, despite the loss of our printed paper for the time being, we are still producing and publishing all of our regular bi-weekly issues and content on our newly renovated and relaunched website.

In relaunching our website and newsletter, The Mike has allowed for more accessibility and inclusivity in accessing our bi-weekly content. With student life going virtual this year, it only makes sense that The Mike, the official student newspaper at St. Michael’s College, follows suit. In saying this, while we won’t have the joy of producing a physical printed copy of the paper this semester, we hope to resume printing some time during the new year! 

We hope that you will all continue to stay updated with The Mike during this time and encourage you all to subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter and check out our website for all of our regular bi-weekly issues and content. 

Student journalism is one of the most important pillars of university life, allowing for student voices to be heard, but The Mike cannot accurately represent the St. Michael’s College community without our contributors. So, if you are interested in writing as a contributor or staff writer for The Mike this year, please get in touch with [email protected] and [email protected]

– Chiara Greco, Editor-in-Chief.