A Listening Session for Post-Midterm Season

A Listening Session for Post-Midterm Season

Photo Credit: DIY Mag

A playlist formed by a variety of genres, styles, and decades 

Tannaaz Zaraineh, The Mike Staff Writer

Since midterm season is over, it only makes sense to have a bunch of cool new songs to add to your playlist and relax (at least, until exam season rolls around). Start your reading week the right way with a curated list of music from a mixture of different genres. If you plan to listen, I hope you find at least one song you won’t be able to get out of your head!

Some amazing alternative songs:

Wallows just released their new EP. Their most popular tracks are “Virtual Aerobics”, and “Nobody Gets Me (Like You)” according to Spotify, and my personal favourite is definitely “Coastlines”.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Stranger Things actor Joe Keery records music under the name Djo. His newest album, Twenty Twenty, takes some elements of ‘70s psychedelia, giving listeners its most recognized song “Roddy”.

Glass Animals recently released their new album Dreamland. For something slow and heartfelt, “Heat Waves” is a must. The group experimented with rap by featuring Denzel Curry on “Tokyo Drifting”.

“2725” by Torontonian GRAE is a breezy melodious love song for anyone who is currently in their ‘feels’.

Some old school music:

Bobby Vinton gives his version of the well-known “Blue Velvet”, and it’s quite charming to the ears.

For something calming, Nancy Sinatra uses her gentle voice on “The Shadow of Your Smile” and her famous collaboration with Lee Hazlewood offers us “Summer Wine”.

If you like French music, “La Mer” is a good go-to, and during this time it’s an easy way to imagine actually being by the sea instead of staring at screens all day. 

Some international music:

“Ayonha” is a catchy funk tune by Libyan-Egyptian artist Hamid El Shaeri.

“Dance Music” by Penahi, found on a compilation titled Pebbles Vol. 11, Iran Pt. 2, Originals Artifacts from the Psychedelic Era sounds exactly like the name, being upbeat and lively with its fusion of saxophone and electric guitar. Honestly, the whole compilation should be listened to. 

Nusky and Poupie collaborated to create “Naïf”, a fun French pop song. 

“Harighe Sabz” has been one of my favourite songs since childhood by renowned Iranian artist Ebi, who is a classic symbol in the realm of Persian music. 

Some acoustic:

Reading week means some leftover assignments for some students, and I find acoustic to be a lot more like easy listening music than classical since it’s more consistent. Here’s what I listen to. 

“Forget-Me-Not” by Andrei Smirnova.

“Nachklang” by Karl Vandu.

“Habanera” by Olle Adolphson and Mats Bergström.