Colour, Contrast, Composition: Rick Owens’ Pret-a-Porter Femme SS24 Fashion Show Had it All

Colour, Contrast, Composition: Rick Owens’ Pret-a-Porter Femme SS24 Fashion Show Had it All

Photo Credit: Charlota Blunarova, Unsplash

A glimpse into Rick Owens’ show at Paris Fashion Week 2023 

Lauren Wills, Contributor 

The 2023 Paris Fashion Week kicked off by launching ready-to-wear pieces emerging directly from their up-and-coming 2024 spring and summer lookbooks. One of the more eye-catching shows that I was captivated by was that of Rick Owens’ 2024 Spring–Summer runway show. The show took place at Palais de Tokyo on September 28, 2023. 

As the models set down the runway, you could easily see the creativity at play and outside-of-the-box execution of each design and piece of clothing. With his edgy twists on simplicity, along with the use of elemental materials and experimentation with texture, his designs were especially influential. It exemplified a modern and revolutionary take on basics which can be seen by his use of muted colors, much like that of Kanye West’s Yeezy colour palette. Despite the similarity, there is no doubt that Owens enhances the dry and dull tones by his use of texture. In doing so, we see fabric being the main focal area for many of the launched pieces.   

The Rick Owens 2024 Pret-a-Porter Femme Spring and Summer fashion show also embodied a sinister theme demonstrated through the finishing touches of each look. Models walked the runway with black eye contacts, semi-sheer veils, and Owens’ signature high-pointed shoulder pads, all of which worked to set the eerie mood. While showcasing dark and edgy aesthetics, he also incorporates a bright color palette to intensify the effect of his designs through the construction of his runway and event theme. The pink and red hues of some of this year’s designs, in contrast with the darker, muted tones, tells a story of beauty in a state of gloom. The show effortlessly rendered this contrast of light and dark, bright and dull. It brought an edgy twist to the ideas and colours of romance in a way that showcased the beauty behind the dark.  

As expected, and in a spectacular display of creativity, Rick Owens’ Pret-a-Porter Femme SS24 Fashion Show brings his distinctive avant-garde vision to life, captivating the fashion world with its audacious design concepts and bold aesthetics. With each meticulously crafted ensemble, Owens reaffirms his status as a trailblazer, fearlessly challenging the norms of the fashion industry.