For All the Dogs Was Worth the Wait 

For All the Dogs Was Worth the Wait 

Photo Credit: OVO/Republic

DJ Khaled was right: Toronto is spelled D-R-A-K-E. 

Laura Canjura, Contributor  

Drake is definitely the type of guy to rub his hands together mischievously and say, “Oh yeah… this is going to be good,” and I wouldn’t be surprised if he did so while releasing For All the Dogs. Despite the fact that “Champagne Papi” made us wait an extra two to three months for his album, I would say it was well worth it.  

It’s hard to find a “no skips” album these days, but Drake has single-handedly managed to save the music industry, specifically with “Fear of Heights” and “What Would Pluto Do.” One track I obviously want to highlight is “Gently,” not only because both of my best friends sing together (disclaimer: neither Bad Bunny nor Drake are aware of our friendship status — yet) but also because Drake’s Spanish pronunciations in the intro and first verse did not display the same “Mr. Worldwide” spirit that he had employed in the past. I discussed it with some friends, and we had to conclude that he did that ironically, especially when comparing his Spanish-speaking abilities to his feature on “MIA” by Bad Bunny.  

Now, is Drake also the smartest person in the history of mankind for dropping the album on the first night of his two Toronto shows, or was that just a coincidence? As DJ Khaled would say: “I guess we’ll never know.” But as someone who would rather pay for a few months of groceries and utilities than pay over $500 to see the legend himself, the F.O.M.O. had never been stronger on that cold, harsh, October 6 night.  

Waking up in the morning, instantly putting on the album, only then to go on Instagram and see that Central Cee was in “the 6ix,” one would only assume he was there to support his friend, right? Wrong. To my surprise and devastation, Central Cee, J. Cole, 21 Savage, and many others were present and performing during the two Toronto shows. Now, is it selfish of me to say that not being at those shows is the worst thing that has happened to me? Probably, but I will be taking no further inquiries on the subject at this time as it is too painful to talk about.  

After DJ Khaled asked his wife far too many times if the Drake vocals came in yet, we can finally say they have. During all the hard work that clearly went into producing this craft, you can really tell Drake was “Dialed In.”