Get in the Grind this February

Get in the Grind this February

Photo credit: Juja Han on Unsplash

With The Mike‘s study playlist

Rosemarie Rotunda, Staff Writer

I am certain we are all familiar with the impossibility of navigating a study space with true silence. Any slight shift in background noise and, suddenly, you find yourself narrowing in on the flittering light across the library, the shuffling of pages at nearby tables, whispering among other people, and perhaps even the occasional cough. While these disruptions may seem inevitable when diving into a late-night Robarts study sesh, they can be easily avoided with the perfect study soundtrack. Luckily for you, The Mike has got you covered.

In terms of productivity, I have noticed I work both better and faster when I am listening to music. The nature of my schoolwork determines whether I will listen to either a Flume album on repeat or a pre-made Spotify playlist featuring classical music exclusively. In terms of the suggested playlist below, I have incorporated 10 of my favourite tracks to stream as I get down to business. From ambient electronic to psychedelic pop, these 10 tracks will create the ideal auditory environment that aims to promote heightened academic success.

The playlist attached is not specific to one particular genre of music and includes tracks by several acclaimed artists of this generation including Flume, Beach House, and KAYTRANADA.

“Warm Thoughts”Flume
“Star Eyes”Flume
“Black Car”Beach House
“Last Ride” – Beach House
“Myth”Beach House
“Riot” – Earl Sweatshirt
“Scared to Death” – KAYTRANADA
“Free Things In Life” – KAYTRANADA
“Bubble bath” – Elaquent