New Year, New Playlist

New Year, New Playlist

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The Mike’s music recs for 2021!

Adam Morrison, Business Manager 

For myself, the dominating theme of 2021 thus far has been a lack of socialization and an inundation of dozens upon dozens of hours of pre-recorded lectures. So, dear reader, I’ve compiled a playlist that captures the mania of this situation: from waking up in your room, to doing work in your room, to exercising in your room, even to sleeping restfully in your own room. Pop this playlist on and go to town. 

Wakeup: Certainly, waking up when it’s dark is a challenge. So, try not to ruminate it for too long. However, I’m sure at least one psychologist would agree with me – or could be paid to agree with me – that sadness can be turned into productivity in the morning. So, follow that strategy, have a large breakfast, check-in with the good ol’ OutLook and CrowdMark and go get it, [Student Number]!

Mad World – Tears for Fears

Chamber of Reflection – Mac DeMarco 

Loving Cup – Rolling Stones

Weekend Wars – MGMT

Happiness is a Warm Gun – The Beatles

First Day Out – Tee Grizzly 

Mid-Day: Be wild and crazy! Consider taking lunch at 11:30 or even, having that 4th RedBull. Mid-day is where the magic happens and the procrastination gets done, so make sure to make the most of it while you can; because, remember, as soon as the sun goes down in 35 minutes the day is over and it’s time to pack up and browse TikTok for the remainder of the week. 

Baiana – Bakermat

Heybb! – Binki

Roses – Outkast 

Every time we Touch – Cascada 

D.A.N.C.E. – Justice

(And then just for fun) Father Strech my Hands Pt. 1 – Kanye West

Bed-time / Evening: We all know that in order to get a restful night’s sleep, a faithful The Mike reader needs to be lulled away from their work by somber tunes of reflection and nostalgia. However, this segment of the playlist is easily the most dangerous for turning a peaceful night in to an unintentional 3AM existential crisis. Best cut it off before Vincent comes on.

Ranked in by Sadness, ascending

Helpless – Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay – Otis Redding 

White Ferrari – Frank Ocean

Box #10 – Jim Croce

Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) – Don McLean

Look on Down From the Bridge – Mazzy Star