Why We Love “Love Actually”

Why We Love “Love Actually”

Photo Credit: Country Living Magazine

A poetic essay on romantic movies during the holidays

Devarya Singhania, Contributor

Oh, I’m falling in love

I thought the plane was going down

How’d you turn it right around

– Taylor Swift, “Labyrinth”

It’s like fall’s first brisk breeze which gently caresses your palpable face on the day the sweltering sun boasts frivolously: love. Call me old-school, but I still believe in the ‘love letters from war’ type of love. That poignant feeling of fulfilment, as words scribbled with a decadent ink soothe the loathsome critic within. There needn’t be glamour or grandeur to the diction. It is enough to know that a particular writer has kissed the quill so gently and painted a painting so unfathomably perfect just for you amidst all the chaos, and it is serene, tranquil, and marvellous. So, as I write this, blanketed by assignment notifications, who is reviving my love letters?

I’ve never really celebrated Christmas before, but every holiday season I yearn for the rom-coms they offer. Each and every one of those movies begin and end in such a strikingly similar manner — every love story always seems complete. It is pure bliss. You might call it abhorring (so would most of my friends), but you see, knowing that each thread of the romance will be sewn is embroidery our frail eyes and hollow souls will never, in any viable moment discern.

The protagonist will often accidentally meet their soon-to-be partner, and as a ridiculous (and obviously unexpected) request, ask them to join their family on Christmas for dinner. Now, the partner will be lacking some details that the family finds problematic before the war’s done and dusted, and the kiss will provide a resolution so dumbfoundedly profound. We will grow envious for every second it lasts. 

I can see why you find this problematic. But just, for a minuscule moment, pause. Adore the kiss, adore that moment where their lips lock, knowing the incredible war they’ve just had to battle. See the embrace in their eyes as they make the blood of their family’s initial disapproval ink the love letter they’re permanently scripting, and penning a tale their children and grandchildren will enshrine. Aren’t love letters from war incredible?

This world only exists within these two, often miraculously attractive, individuals. But is it so difficult to believe that you might too receive these letters soon? 

Romantic movies make the holidays comfortable. You have this fulfilling perfection. So, stitch your story too, and perhaps the letter will arrive as soon as you put on this cozy sweater.